How to do nothing — and live with it

How To Do Nothing, Jenny Odell.

I suggest that we reimagine #FOMO as #NOMO, the necessity of missing out.”

Thank you, Odell. The power of this book will hopefully imprint in the minds of reader’s for years, past Corona Times.

This quote resonated heavily with me as I am almost ready to consider the fear of missing out as a disease. I know I am not the only one to experience #FOMO in my everyday life . The fear of missing out is that cringey feeling you get when your boyfriend goes to hang out with his friends while your stuck at home on zoom, or that sadness you feel when you scroll down Instagram and see your friends laughing and holding a drink at the fancy new restaurant in your city, but you weren’t invited.

I took a small hiatus for the holiday season, I paused from social media on my personal and business accounts. When I came back on my business instagram, one of my fellow social media friends, had suddenly became TikTok famous! Her TikTok had blown up to over 300k followers and her instagram followed — and the jealousy I felt was different than any jealousy I felt in my life.

“Why did I get off social media for so long?”

“Why did her business become famous and not mine?”

“Why do I always have to work so hard but everyone gets life so easy?”

It sat with me for three days. I questioned every decision I made in my life and my business. I was a click away from shutting down everything I worked on for the past six months and closing down my small business completely. I cried to my boyfriend and he looked at me and supported my decision to quit — now I was furious.

“So you think I should JUST quit?!” I yelled at him. But that was all that I needed. My fire came back. The time off that I took was necessary for my mental health, the things that I missed out on, will come back and maybe even stronger. Certain events, posts, videos, pictures don’t even need to be seen. So yeah, I think I kicked #FOMO’s ass.

“What have you done during Corona Times?” Nothing. The epitome of nothing. I think that this book, How To Do Nothing by Jenny Odell, has become an unexpected bestseller because we’re all doing nothing and we’re painfully aware of it.
Some of us are struggling more than others and going through unexpected internet and social media withdrawals, and some of us are too comfortable with this space from society. Odell demonstrated how important it is to value our time and energy and how we should actively be able to balance our reality vs unrealistic expectations. It is important to use our time wisely and I know everyone likes to have a good read.

Celebrity Culture — the big debate. Do we still need to be “fan-girling” over celebs in 2021?

Celebrities are the face of the media, influencer, singers, rappers, dancers — they’re always there whether you follow them or not. Celebrity culture is intoxicating and will never go away because we have main stream media outlets that push it in your face. We all play a big role in celebrity culture, as many people are constantly checking up on them, idolizing the things they do- the products they use; thus creating an inflated version of reality for others.

Celebrities rule the media if you let them, and thus give you a false reality that you may never achieve or you may overwork yourself to achieve.

Do you take digital detox breaks? I mean after seeing so many celebrities, influencers and unrealistic version of myself that I may NEVER achieve — yea of course. I recently took a break(stated above) and it worked out in my favor. I didn’t take a break fully from technology, but I didn’t post on any social media for a good portion of the holiday season and I still rarely post or scroll on social media. As difficult as it may seem at first, give it a try, it’s super refreshing.

Sleeping with your phone is also the culprit of many sleep and mental disorders. Your bodies circadian rhythm will get misconstrued quickly by staying up late, according to studies. I personally sleep in complete darkness to feel fully energized by the time I wake up. Some nights it’s hard for me to just put my phone down and shut my brain off — but the outcome is great when I am fully energized the next morning.

Take a walk down your neighborhood, write down your senses and do it all without your phone. I walked to Michael’s craft store with my boyfriend and back home and let’s say that we noticed more than we normally would, even though he chatted away on his phone. Can’t be too mad because it was work related, but I guess it made focus even more on my surroundings.

Doing nothing, according to Odell, means being fully aware of our surroundings and capabilities without the use of technology or gadgets. Will you engage in more conversations? Will you find a new hobby? The ability to do nothing is an amazing thing, it’s freedom. When we can refocus our energy and intentions with no distracts, it’s a beautiful thing.




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